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Graphic Design

North Georgia Graphic & Web Design

Creative, Intelligent, & Effective Design

Providing a variety of services such as graphic design, illustration, and multimedia, which can range from logo design to advanced web development and design, is what I do.

I pride myself in providing professional and creative services to all my clients and I would love to help develop your business image, by providing results driven design strategies for your next project or goals.

Some of my strengths include:
~ Brand/Identity Development; such as developing a business or brand identity or logo, then proceeding to create complementing business cards, flyers, brochures, promotional materials, and websites.
~ Dynamic or static websites
~ Custom WordPress themes & WordPress websites
~ Character development
~ Illustrations
~ Electronic press kits- EPKs


Georgia graphic and web design provider

Working with a variety of businesses both large and small, in a wide spectrum of markets, has helped me develop a solid development process.

Being able to provide generalized services in graphic and web design has become my greatest strength.

Wordpress themes, web design & development, and identity projects such as logo design are a majority of the services provided to my clients. But, I have also provided other services such as; character development, electronic press kits, flyers, and Flash based interactive learning modules.

"I love helping business succeed and take pride in providing the best in; personal service, masterful design, and analytical development, collaboratively creating positive results. "
William A. Rodriguez
- Creative Director at WAR Graphic Arts

The best way to find out how WAR Graphic Arts can help your business is for a free consultation. With a consultation we can explore your business needs, experiment with possible solutions, and find the best direction to take for the most effective results possible.

Contact me today for a free consultation!

Top qualities:
Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“William came on board and immediately went to work on a top-notch web design for the company. His meticulous, thorough nature was evident from Day 1. He had an excellent creative approach and captured the requests and preferences of the team. Throughout the entire redesign, he was extremely pleasant to work with and always positive and prepared. William requires no supervision. He is an expert at what he does and works quickly, efficiently and very effectively. It was a joy to work with him and if given the opportunity, I would hire him again in a snap!”
Jennifer Petters- Marketing Director
North Georgia Graphics