Services Offered

Would you like more information about the major services we offer? These are some of the popular services we provide to our clients.

Northeast Georgia Graphic & Web Design

Creative, Intelligent, & Effective Design

Providing a variety of services including; graphic design, illustration, and web design, which can range from logo design to advanced websites.

We pride ourselves in providing professional and creative services to all of our clients and we would love to help develop your business image, by providing results driven design strategies for your next project.

Georgia graphic and web design provider

Working with a variety of businesses both large and small, in a wide spectrum of markets, has helped us develop a solid development process.

Also, being able to provide generalized services in graphic and web design has become our greatest strength.

Wordpress themes, web design & development, and identity projects such as logo design are a majority of the services provided to our clients. But, we also provided other services such as; character development, electronic press kits, flyers, and interactive learning modules.

"I love helping business succeed and take pride in providing the best in; personal service, masterful design, and analytical development, collaboratively creating positive results. "
William A. Rodriguez
- Creative Director at WAR Graphic Arts

What My Clients Say

We hired William to create multiple websites for clients of our management company Wal Cal Management. William was a great communicator, and always delivered exactly what we anticipated. William brought additional value to each project with his vision and talent for anticipating the future needs of our clients. I highly recommend William for any web design or IT project.

Joshua George Managing Director, Harvard Group International

I have hired Will for multiple projects that involved the creation of logos, stationary, flyers, business cards and website graphics for two health related ventures: Aumdoc's Lotus Healing (a brief healing practice I had in Decatur, GA) and my new medical practice Lotus GynEcology PC. Will was able to convert my intentions and design ideas into a finished project. He was consistent and reliable even when I required multiple revisions of projects due to my changing whims. He was able to grasp my vision of how I wanted to market my services and help me to implement that within my limited budget. I can highly recommend William Rodriguez as a reliable business partner providing me expert and inventive Graphic Design Services.

Aumdoc Richard Clofine, D.O. Educator, Healer, Writer, Artist, Ceremonialist, Counsel at Aumdoc's Lotus Inspirations (

William came on board and immediately went to work on a top-notch web design for the company. His meticulous, thorough nature was evident from Day 1. He had an excellent creative approach and captured the requests and preferences of the team. Throughout the entire redesign, he was extremely pleasant to work with and always positive and prepared. William requires no supervision. He is an expert at what he does and works quickly, efficiently and very effectively. It was a joy to work with him and if given the opportunity, I would hire him again in a snap!

Jennifer Petters Marketing Professional

Free consultation!!

The best way to find out how we can help your business is for a free consultation. Our consultation explores your business needs, experiments with possible solutions, and finds the best direction to take for the most effective results possible.

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Responsive Web Design

No one likes viewing those ugly mobile versions of your site on their tablets or phones, or when an outdated site breaks when viewed on a mobile device. That is why we offer responsive design options for any site!

Website Troubleshooting & Repair

Having problems with your website? Are customers complaining about non working features or you cannot figure out why something is just not workng properly? I work with clients everyday finding solutions to their website issues.

WordPress Websites

Having a website that you can maintain, can be expanded into a blog or online store with ease, and provides regular updates to prevent security breaches. That is why a site built in Wordpress is so popular today.