The new website for Crown Communities Inc. has officially gone live. I have been working on this site for close to a year at Crown Communities Corporate Location in Conyers, Ga. This consulting contract has slowly bloomed into a elegant and professional site that incorporates a wide range of web technologies and current web standards.

First the use of warm colors and professional patterns makes this web design catch any viewer’s eye. The simple, user friendly navigation provides a better experience for the average web surfer, yet the use of graphic promotional banners and rotating images captures the viewer and leads him or her deeper into the websites inner pages.

I have integrated the use of Flash technology for the interactive community maps that help direct users to the areas of interest, while also providing a page with a list of the available communities for easier access. The website also uses many forms of javascript for various aspects of the website, the community pages themselves have a easy to use tab navigation and also integrate custom vector maps of directions for each.

Since this website has went live in late 2009 we have seen a drastic improvement in the amount of traffic to the site. Before the redesign the site averaged 4,000 hits per month, but since the redesign the site averages over 11,000 hits per month. Even though uses basic search engine optimization, the website has seen drastic improvement in incoming hits and search results. This has resulted from the use of basic SEO utlilizing numerous facets from focused keywords to building a number of internal and external links.

Overall, I feel that the  final result of shows that a great website and overall positive SEO results can be created without the use of paying high costs for expensive webdesigners and SEO companies. These results can be created with the help of a professional yet competitive web designer and the use of well directed search engine optimization. Website- New Design is Live
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