Officially my first blog post. Everyone bear with me.

This is a label design I created for JavaLords Coffee house in L5Ps Ga. This identity required research into the niche market of Little Five Points and how we could create a memorable logo and ID to use across multiple medias. 

The concept of the skull coffee cup was one of my first ideas and utilizing a pen and ink style for the logo was a natural decision. The client’s committee loved the idea, especially considering one of the members was a tattoo artist himself. 

I created the full identity package including logo, business card, shirt design, mug design, label template, brochure, menu, and website design. This project was very energizing for my creative process becuase of the client’s insistance of full creative license from my end, that along with great feedback helped to develop this intrigingly unique ID package.

Not only was the design of this project a great experience, but JavaLords also has some of the best coffee in the southeast. If you are ever in L5Ps GA, come by the JavaLords and try their organic, fresh roasted, fair trade coffee, it’s well worth the trip.

Plus, a trip to the Little Five Points is always memorable. Where else will you see punks, hippies, skaters, goths, and just about every other American subculture you can think of in one place? 

JavaLords Coffee House

Little Five Points GA

JavaLords ID project- Death to Decaff!

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