PumpkinCity.net has been up and running for a few months now and everything is working fine! I created this website for a local band to help promote the band in all aspects. Along with this website I also created a EPK, Electronic Press Kit, for them in PDF format. These 2 major aspects of their promotional package has helped Pumpkin City create a professional image for their fans, sponsors, prospective venues and or record labels.

The director of marketing for Pumpkin City, Brett Reagan,  has stated that the promotional package including the EPK and website has helped them see vast improvement with both contracting new gigs and the range and locality of venues willing to book them for shows, some as far as DC and Ohio. They have been able to triple their shows since utilizing the EPK and website, while these necessary promotional outlets are also making it easier to maintain contact with their fans and keeping those fans updated with upcoming shows or promotions.

I also think the ease of use for sending the EPK, since it was created for easy emailing, has been beneficial to the band and it’s promotions. Though without the website the EPK would be a less productive tool, I see that the transition from traditional press kits to EPKs has helped create a positive influence on the music industry. Overall, nothing may be as impressive¬†as a traditional press kit with it’s printed information and included CD, but the use of a EPK with it’s simplicity and ease of transfer through email has made it easier for unsigned bands to reach a wider audience within a professional avenue.

Overall, I am very proud of PumpkinCity.net and it’s corresponding EPK, it’s shows my creative skills in branding across media while keeping consistency within a professional manner, while also having a creating a noticeable improvement in the promotions of the band.

As always great looking design is required, but design that helps to create a noticeable advancement toward the objective is the goal of any designer in the end. Every business has objectives, and if a designer cannot help them to make strides toward those objectives, then those projects are wasted, along with the time and money that was used to create them.



Pumpkin City Website Now Up!
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